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In 1974, the territory of the present city was founded Usinsk Usinsk branch Ukhta erection and commissioning management. Management, with vertical subordination, was part of the association of national importance, namely the Joint Stock Company "Союзнефтеэнергомонтажавтоматика" and was established June 5, 1970. JSC "Союзнефтеэнергомонтажавтоматика", produced in the field of energy around the space of the former Soviet Union's oil. Usinsk area, in turn, performed all installation and commissioning of facilities Minneftegazproma in the Komi Republic. In 1991, the great power fell apart, and Ukhta company received at the disposal of the national management of municipal property. Economics, as well as all activities Ukhta "piece", once a powerful giant, fell into decline. The company almost literally on his knees. In 1996, the chief engineer UMNU, derived from Ukhta Usinsk site management, and on its basis, a new venture - Closed Joint Stock Company "Коминефтеэнергомонтажавтоматика" (JSC "KNEMA"). Such a metamorphosis and helped guide the movement of "Komineft" Wow of Usinsk. So, still tied to pre-reform years with respect to energy and oil companies have become stronger and at the territorial level. JSC "KNEMA" fifteen years of existence has become a stable, high-performance enterprise and on the right is now a base in Timan-Pechora oil region of the European North of Russia on installation, commissioning and primary care supply systems, automation and fire alarm. The Company is registered in the administration of Usinsk April 8, 1996 Certificate of state registration of the enterprise № 1024.

At present JSC "KNEMA" - is a powerful company that performs work in the territory of the Komi Republic and Nenets Autonomous District with a strong industrial base and infrastructure. Today our company is ready for you to perform the following services:
• construction of facilities from scratch "turnkey";
• wiring and commissioning;
• specialist services in energy, automation, and fire safety;
• installation, commissioning, metrological provision and maintenance of instruments and measuring equipment, calibration of measurement systems quality and quantity of oil;
• Repair, calibration of pressure, temperature, flow rate, the amount of electricity, heat, electrical parameters, etc.;
• manufacture of metal;
• Formation of the initial data for design of various oil and gas industry;
• setting up, testing and measurement of electrical equipment;
• installation and commissioning of process automation and instrumentation for oil and gas facilities;
• repair, adjustment of fire and burglar alarm.

15.11.2011g. JSC "KNEMA" received international certificates ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2007, OHSAS18001: 2007 certification system «Bureau Quality International», the head body, which is based in London. That obliges us to carry out works in accordance with the above standard.